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We take our duty to protect the residents of Irvine from bed bugs seriously. Recently, we’ve been handling the increasing amount of Irvine bed bug invasions. We aren’t exactly sure why the number of bed bugs in Irvine is escalating, but we think it may be due to the greater swapping of used furniture and belongings and the closeness of living quarters.


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The thought of bed bugs in your own home will probably strike fear within you. Unlike harmless pests, bed bugs aren’t something that you can just disregard.

While a person sleeps, the bed bugs will feed by piercing the skin with a part of their mouth that allows them to saw through the tissue to access blood vessels.  A bed bug will then feed for up to five minutes before retreating to its hiding spot. The bed bug will also insert saliva while it’s feeding, which some people can have a reaction to including itching and swelling.

It’s generally difficult to detect Irvine bed bugs. They’ll usually hide in the crevices around your bed and lay their eggs in the bed seams. In most cases we’ve dealt with in Irvine, people don’t know they have bed bugs until they get attacked while sleeping. Another way to determine bed bugs, other than having a lot of bites, is to discover blood or waste (bed bug fecal matter) spots on your bedsheets. Once you think it is possible that you may have bed bugs you mustn’t sleep in your house until it’s been treated.


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