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Because you are on our website we expect that you would like residential extermination solutions in Irvine. You’re in luck, you’ve arrived at the right place! Bed Bug Treatments for Irvine offers the top pest control and rodent control services to the Irvine area.  We are able to provide single-service solutions in addition to year-round pest services. We won’t sell you a solution you don’t need.



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Regardless if you happen to be being invaded by annoying pests such as  cockroaches, ants, rats, bed bugs, or just about any other pest, our pest control exterminators are prepared to protect your family and home. In many instances, pests just want to hide during winter. In most cases, the bugs and critters may find shelter inside your house. Because of this spring and summer seasons are pest-heavy. Pests typically come out of hiding and disrupt your life when it gets warmer.


In recent months we’ve been having many of phone calls in Irvine for problems with ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, bees, and bed bugs. One of the worst pests, bed bugs, are often difficult to eliminate; it’s unfortunate that problems with bed bugs appear to be on the rise. We’ve also been receiving a lot of calls for termite inspections in recent months. Termites are great at invading homes unnoticed and remain unnoticed as they slowly destroy your property or other wooden structures.


Our regular pest control plans allow us to protect your property so that you never have to deal with a pest problem. Any pests that decide to show up during your regular treatments we’ll take care of after you give us a quick call. That’s the convenience of such a plan and we have found that customers who benefit the most from this plan are those who dislike pests very much.


Give our Irvine pest control technicians a phone call at 949-396-0038 today and we will be glad to discuss your alternatives and help any way we can!

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